Farm My Yard T-shirts

Farm My Yard Works!

from lawn to fresh veggies in a few simple steps
See below if you are an urban farmer looking for a place to farm!

Here’s how you can get started today!

  1. Print out or create a “Farm My Yard” Sign
  2. Place sign in a visible place
  3. Potential neighbor/farmer is attracted to farming your yard
  4. Use agreement which comes with sign, or use one provided below
  5. Your yard gets farmed, everyone wins!
  6. If you’re an urban farmer – use the Iamanurbanfarmer document and offer your services to your neighbors!
  7. Find us on Facebook!  

The idea: create easy ways for homeowners to offer their yards to those who would like areas to farm/cultivate. We now have signs that can be downloaded from this site, and below please find sample agreements for you and your farmer to discuss and agree to.The first agreement is legalistic and complete, the second simpler.

  1. Yard Use Agreement for growing season 2012-2014
  2. 2012 Land Share Agreement – Urban Farm Collective, Portland, Oregon

Here are two documents which also might be helpful – both are drafts – your comments are welcome!

  1. What to expect as a homeowner/landowner when you try out Farm My Yard: Draftforhomeowner
  2. For the urban farmer to pass out to neighbors – a way to source your yard to farm! Iamanurbanfarmer
If you would like these documents in another format, please get in touch, that can be arranged :)
KOIN Story on Farm My Yard
We got some great coverage on KOIN 6 on 3.17.14

Project Wishlist:

  1. Logos/design work
  2. More simple sign designs of different sizes which will be downloaded by anyone to post on a person’s lawn (Spanish and other language versions welcome, too)
  3. People to spread the word about this idea far and wide
  4. More simple agreements that homeowners/farmers can make use of.
  5. Donations to make things go (see Paypal Link on sidebar)!

If you would like to participate, please get in touch! Collaborators are very welcome. Let’s change the world together, shall we? Imagine 1,000 of these signs spread around your town – yes, that’s change!

sign 5.16.12urban farming is HERE!!